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Web Developer Lisbon (full stack) (m/f)

Web Developer Lisbon - Full Stack


CVWarehouse is ready to proceed to its next stage towards world domination. We need young (at heart) and eager developers that want to join us in this amazing mission in Lisbon, Portugal!


We don’t need just ANY developer. We want someone that wants to be part of a dedicated team and deliver the best worldwide software in its class. You must like pizza. X-Ray vision is a plus. The Force must be strong with you. And you will be tested for it!


Who are we?

We’re a young and thriving Belgian Company (located in Antwerp & Lisbon) that delivers one of the best recruitment ATSs in the world. Don’t know what an ATS is? Google it! You'd better know when we call you in for an interview.


What do we want you to know?

Handle a lightsaber, C#/.Net, sprinkles of Java or fairy dust, HTML/CSS, move objects with your mind, Javascript/jQuery/AJAX, SQLServer or MySQL, influence the casual Stormtrooper, GIT. We want you to have good communication skills and feel comfortable in English, so the language you speak on your planet may not be enough. If you have a Babel fish, you'll do fine.


Not sure about the technologies?

Don't worry. You will learn with us. Your attitude will get you there!


Why is this the right opportunity for you?

Because you want to have huge leap towards a brilliant career, you are a team-player, responsible and curious. You also like taking on great challenges and create wonderful software. You like to have fun, engage with a small team of effervescent colleagues and deliver the objectives on schedule and commit to deadlines. And because we’re the best, that’s why!


What’s in it for you?

You will get all the excitement of working for a web startup with a solid business plan. Work on projects from start to finish, from the concept and design phase all the way through implementation and roll out. And obviously, you will get paid a good salary with additional perks. You will also have access to the best of both worlds: Portuguese Custards (Pastéis de Nata) and Belgium Chocolate! And everyone loves chocolate. And Natas.


Interested? Apply online and we will be in touch.