Power Engineer

You form part of our team that is mainly occupied with the electrical design of installations. Some examples: calculation of electrical distribution networks, equipment specifications, consumers, layout of electrical panels, cable lists, equipment field layout, cable distribution layouts, construction packages, etc.

Job Description

As part of a team you work on our current projects and report to the Project Manager. You are, amongst others, responsible for the following:

  • You supervise projects in line with the agreed scope and planning.
  • You follow up projects in line with the client’s specifications and legal standards.
  • You put together the documents necessary for the successful completion of the different stages of the project.
  • You prepare data to allow elementary diagrams, panel layouts and component selections to be worked out efficiently by our designers.
  • You are present at the follow-up meetings with the client. You ensure that you are well prepared and report afterwards so that internal and external parties are always kept up to date with the progress of the project.

 Our offer

  • An open and transparent organisational culture 
  • A horizontal organisational structure, with very short communication lines towards managers
  • A high degree of flexibility, including flexible working hours and many possibilities with regard to holiday planning
  • A high degree of employee involvement (for instance, the opportunity exists to participate financially in the company)
  • A dynamic and continuously innovative working environment
  • The possibility to continuously develop the depth and scope of your technical knowledge.
  • Ample variety due to the project-based nature of the work
  • The possibility to work in an international context